Tuesday, August 27, 2013

One Is Not Just A Number

People grasp varying degrees of forms.

The only real truth is one.  Not one idea, statement, word, phrase, philosophy, or dogma.  One.

There can only be one such essence because that which is most fundamental is indivisible and the only entirely indivisible essence is singular in nature.  The ultimate cause is forever one.

It is through an implicit sense of this overarching dominion of Him that the perceptive intuit order, patterns, and connections amidst the chaos.

The more order you see, the higher the share of your life's works appear as rote, seem expected, feel as drudgery would.

Not to brag, but I think I'll document what I mean by this post sometime.

In the meantime, there is other work to be done.  Why?

Because, to me, there are worthwhile endeavors for me to achieve.  Goodness is inherently so; worth needs no justification.  At least to mere man.  And I am a mere man.  But fear not, tender reader, for I do intend to document some of what this post refers to in time.

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