Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Medicine Goes Down

The outer party is staging a bit of a protest against the Cathedral at the moment.

Some context.

When the inner party moves the nation forward a bit quickly, it takes a bit of time for said progress to be digested by those paying for it.  Digesting the progress of the Cathedral is the function of the Right in democracy.  The outer party's protest accelerates the digestion process of outer party loyalists by easing the pain associated with relaxing the gag reflex, while the media's loud shrieking augments the pain of exercising said reflex.  Eventually, tender reader, the medicine goes down.

And as the bureaucracy implements the medication, those who claim to have never swallowed are rendered quite irrelevant.

A suggestion for those fruitlessly striving to deliver better government to Americans than that which they so richly deserve: do not interfere in a state of affairs over which you possess no control.  Abstaining from mitigating the harmful effects of an evil process accelerates the ending of said process, which must, in any case, run its course.  An evil, carried to a certain point, necessarily consumes itself and America, tender reader, is long past the day of no return.

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