Sunday, August 17, 2014


The more meanings a modern ear ascribes to the words of a foreign language, the more likely the foreign language is possessed of a (more) fundamental grasp of the essential nature of man's condition - ultimately by virtue of its relative proximity to the divine origin of all language.  After all, though not all foreign languages are dead, all dead languages are foreign!

Although (unlike most men) this most conceited writer understands puns to be the sorrowful imitations of that they are, he could not justifiably refrain from entitling this post with one word of two meanings that are both not only eminently appropriate but also bound together as two sides of the same coin - by the elucidations enumerated subsequently.  In other words, tender reader, the faith by which each of these convictions is by this writer understood is the means by which he has convicted reality of its eternal veracity.

Below are the convictions established by Deductive Prosecutions over the past ~17 months.

1. All in One.

2. Essential truth is incommunicable.

3. Truth is inherently so.

4. The disorder wrought by time is inherent.

5. Sovereignty is infallible.

6. Man observes effect, never cause.

7. The right of heredity is inevitable.

8. Human reason is both disorder and disorderly.

9. Worth is neither justifiable nor falsifiable.

10. How and why are ultimately synonyms.

11. Men, not ink blots, rule.

12. Silence is golden.

13. Meaning is experienced, not discovered through deliberation.

14. Progressivism is demonic religion.

15. The Land of Israel belongs to the People of Israel.

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