Friday, May 10, 2013

Agent of Order

An agent of order does what is right.  Doing the right thing is inherently justified, intrinsically good.

I quite like my breakdown of beliefs, possessions, and relationships as the components of man's dominion.  Below are the key fundamentals of orderly action in preserving your dominion as a man.

In beliefs - all: know nothing is as it seems, trust nobody, act decisively, never regret, believe in Him.

In possessions - finance: pay debts, save money, live cheaply, diversify investments.
In possessions - property: own few, repair broken, preserve ageing, conserve scarce things.
In possessions - position: fulfill all duties, exceed expectations, under-promise, over-deliver.
In possessions - body: lift weights, exercise often, eat meat, cut carbs.

In relationships - superiors: honor, respect, don't instruct parents, elders, benefactors, bosses.
In relationships - inferiors: respect, instruct, command; do not insult, demand, threaten.
In relationships - all: never complain, question, explain, yell; honor your word.
In relationships - general: be confident, calm, positive, strong; disclose minimal information.

Be an agent of order.

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