Friday, May 10, 2013

Right of Heredity

Disorder is the consequence of mutually exclusive effects.  Humans act to achieve their desires.  Human action is an effect.  Power is the means by which potential effects are impacted.  Social disorder is, of course, inevitable given that humans have infinite desires and finite time.

Power is only perceived or realized.  Power is realized as action.  Power is perceived as influence.  Action and influence are the two forms of power.

The three types of power are spiritual power, manifest power, and social power.

Spiritual power derives from that which you command with faith.  In the spiritual domain, action is dogma and influence is religious.  Your spiritual power is based on the conviction, universality, and immanence of your beliefs.

Manifest power derives from that which you command with force.  In the manifest domain, action is action and influence is perceived.  Your manifest power is based on the security, desirability, and proximity of your possessions.

Social power derives from that which you command with information.  In the social domain, action is sovereign action and influence is political.  Your social power is based on the rivalry, excludability, and value of your relationships.

Your beliefs, relationships, and possessions form your dominion.

Social power is a funny thing and sovereignty is miraculous.  All human societies are disorderly to a degree - generally to the extent that collective social power is perceived nonexistent.

Collective social power is restrained by faith and constrained by force.  In other words, to the extent the ruled do not openly rebel against the ruler, there is combination of actual faith and threat of force.  The less political information is, the more faith in the ruler and the less force need be threatened to deter rebellion against the ruler.

Rule by faith is the right to power; rule by force is the will to power.  The less manifested power (action ipsum action) was perceived required to achieve recognized right of rule, the more likely there is belief in the right of succession.  The case of minimal manifested power is the case where belief is inevitably immanent.  This is also the only case wherein authority, responsibility, and incentive all stem from the same source - that which created it.   Indeed, the act of creation is participation in that which distinguishes Him - sovereingty itself.  If rule by faith is orderly, rule by recognized birth right is order itself.  The right of heredity is inevitable.

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