Thursday, June 27, 2013

Romantic Love's Corrosion

The marriage, fertility, and demographic crises plaguing the West are all to varying degrees attributable to a fabrication.  To be specific, not unlike social science and separation of powers, enduring romantic love isn't.  The epidemic of divorce (the first of our three aforementioned crises) is caused by a few factors, but Nydwracu hits the nail on the head - gay marriage ain't one of 'em.

Contemporary dating is a bit of a meat market in the West.  And the women riding Roissy in their 20s only to live with cats in their 40s in beyond had the misfortune to have been born into a culture infused with the values of Vronsky instead of those of Levin.  Yes, tender reader, there was a bit more to Tolstoy's masterwork than the city/country dichotomy.

Why was Levin shunned?  Put differently for the tender reader who suffered the abomination of having read The Catcher in the Rye instead of Anna Karenina in high school: why these days are the values of restraint, prudence, humility, discipline, and faith less valued than even the Crown, which so sadly says so very much?  The causes of our marriage crisis are certainly many, arguably complex, but definitely not homosexual.  There's perhaps nothing so misunderstood as the arranged marriage.

Leftism is the fluoroantimonic acid to society's organic matter, destroying the bonds that ensure peaceful, orderly, and civilized society.  Like many outdated vestiges of the West's bygone era, arranged marriage is both a symptom and a cause of robust social bonds, which form the very fabrics of sound cultures and harmonious societies.  Specifically, monogamy channels the sexual energies of beta males in a productive manner.  Given that beta males tend to do pretty neat stuff like defend society, invent technologies, and work hard, it's a decent idea to ensure the channeling of said energies.  The ideal of monogamy guarantees men sexual partners and women financial support and material protection and, given that throughout human history 80% of females and 40% of males reproduced, common sense suggests this is a good deal for society to enforce generally.

Assuming a bond must be forged, the higher the share of those individuals who will be impacted by the bond approving of it, the more likely the bond will cultivate communal goodwill, ensure collective stability, and, not least of all, endure.  Indeed, the breakdown of long-term arrangements is far from limited to marriage.  I fear societal corrosion will compound as agents of the spirit of rebellion carry on towards the end Cathars, Lollards, and Roundheads have so inadvertently worked towards, which is the degradation of cohesive society into debased, atomistic, commoditized social decay.  And legal gay marriage has got nothing on the Condolamentum.

In any case, the trust I place in Plato to deliver instructive insight when contending with the spirit of rebellion is justified once more.

Though we have seen that romanic love isn't enduring, it's not that Platonic love is inherently so - such that one may be instructed as to where/how to find it.  Instead, tender reader, it's that Platonic love is the offspring of belief and discipline; it can be acquired not by action but through experience.  We must, after all, imagine Sisyphus happy.

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