Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Hearts of Frenchmen

Everyone's yapping about this NSA boondoggle of a jobs program.  Thanks to Snowden, Progressives have a new and quite improved tampon for their ever-intensifying menstruations; it's called PRISM.

The Judge has decided to chime in.

Andrew Napolitano is that rare bird in America's cesspool of a political arena that appears to possess sufficient common sense, intuition, and integrity to have found his way to the libertarian conservatism of the Old Right early in his life.  And he admirably sticks to these principles, shining quite brightly when framing his Old Right perspective in the populist common sense characterized most aptly by Andrew Jackson's slaying of the many headed monster.

Please consider, tender reader, how many heads our current monster possesses before ascribing much success to Old Hickory's valiant effort.  In fact, as Ron Paul supporters can surely attest, we face more multi-headed monsters today than Old Hickory faced heads!

That might makes right does not preclude the efficacy of whining necessarily.  But let us be clear: it depends upon your objective, but not only upon your objective.  Indeed, the complaining of a certain Texas Congressman awakened thousands of young minds to such heresies as Austrian Economics and states' rights.  Nonetheless, the more intuitive DailyPaul zealots will come to know a deep and foreboding darkness upon realizing that no matter how consistent their beliefs, logical their arguments, or benevolent their motives, the Old Right is dead.  Deader than a door nail.

Take heart, tender reader, for no matter how monstrously profligate, absurdly incompetent, and profoundly misguided our government becomes, the restoration of stable, orderly, and worthy government depends not upon the consent of the people at all.  Oh, no!  And were it not for this single blessing, there could be no hope for better days.  Human agency is certainly not by which constitutions are formed - and they are through which they are formed only as His instrument.

Americans, please note that constitutions are those collections of social institutions, religious dogmas, personal prejudices, corporate privileges, spiritual beliefs, and cultural traditions that limit, extend, direct, and impact in myriad unseen manners the exercise of power in society.  Your Constitution was worthless long before your grandfather was born, but your constitution prospers.

The miracle of sovereignty is divine and the formation of sovereign power is an effect of Him.  We men only participate in His designs.  This participation is worthwhile to the extent that one acts in an orderly manner, since it is only by sufficiently limiting the corrosive effects of disorder that we may hope to accelerate the restoration of true governance.

Basic common sense informs that those fundamental laws truly governing temporal societies may not be articulated without degrading their integrity to a degree.  Similarly, truth cannot be spoken to mortal power without a modification in the distribution of temporal power itself.  Sophists have long sought to claim that there is power in truth, but actually there is virtually none.  Power is sooner the master of truth than its servant, which is why the wise man says little.

In any case, back to the Judge's take on the USG's latest jobs program.  Again, Andrew's a straight shooter, a good man.  Andrew's views on Constitutional matters are sound enough that were limits to American governmental power enforced by those ink blots intended to do so by being placed on paper in the 18th century, he could plausibly even today be writing for the majority as Chief Justice of SCOTUS instead of whining for the minority as chief legal polemicist on Fox.

Alas, we live in a world where men - not ink blots - rule.

Gentlemen, the Salic Law is written not upon paper but upon the hearts of Frenchmen.  Take notice.

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