Monday, June 30, 2014

Nihil Dicit

Everyone knows the nature of the truth that is concealed from the public record by this taking of the Fifth.  Obviously.

Less obvious is the implication of fully digesting such an eminently dangerous realization: that this case clearly calls out for a Grand Inquisitor.  But Americans are not worthy of government that displays even the pretense of probity or virtue so whining, negotiating, and reforming will have to suffice.

Our maître à penser:

And yet, when we reflect, that the Inquisition, by its restrictions, and authority, would have prevented the French Revolution - it is hard to say, whether the Sovereign, who, wholly, and without reserve, gave up this instrument, would not, in reality, be doing an injury to humanity.
Americans know not the depths of rot to which their nation has sunk.

But they sure do deserve it.

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