Monday, June 30, 2014

Rep. Paul Ryan Encounters Sovereign Lawmaker

This interaction between Representative Paul Ryan and IRS Commissioner John Koskinen says too much.

Repeat after me, Congressman: the United States is not a nation of laws; the United States is a nation of men.

Let us suppose that Congressman Paul Ryan did not so much enjoy the perks, prestige, and privileges accrued to him by virtue of his esteemed post in the House of Representatives.  Perhaps in such a farcical world Representative Ryan would have delivered a line more appropriate for the occasion of stumbling upon a man that enforces law by obstructing justice, such as:

I hereby resign from my post in Congress because I no longer believe that I can deliver on my obligations as I perceive them as Representative of Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District.

Alas, tender reader, we live not in a farcical world.  We live in the real one.  And this charade should boost Representative Ryan's ratings among Tea Partiers!

And so the world turns.

But, Americans - my dear, precious Americans, please - look at that man.  No, not the Congressman - the lawmaker.  Look at him.  Study him.

Imagine his world.

He openly flouts your representatives.  He lies by omission.  He admits nothing; he denies everything.

Look at him.

Notice his composure.  Notice his calm composure.  He is secure.

He is secure in his secret knowledge.

For as long as he testifies before Congress, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen pronounces truth, for there must always be one to whom it may not be said: you have erred.

Koskinen is - for the purposes of the IRS scandal - the face of sovereignty.

Koskinen forswears all knowledge, denies all allegations, and refuses all suspicions.  His words admit nothing, but what he does not mention says far too much.

He does not accuse; he does not beg; he does not reveal; he does not plead; he does not request; he does not complain; he does not question.

He defines what was and what is for the record.

By admitting nothing Koskinen literally makes law as only a sovereign can - by saying nothing at all.

And so, tender reader, that Representative Ryan does not believe the IRS Commissioner matters not.  Sovereignty requires not belief - only obedience.

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